Paper Tape

Its time to get creative! Decorative tape is a great way to embellish planners or stick Polaroids and postcards down. It can also add an extra special flourish when wrapping gifts! Check out our range from MT Masking tape, House Doctor, Meri Meri, Ladurée, Paul & Joe and Ban.do.

MT Tape - Washi Tape

Washi itself is an ancient Japanese handmade paper, Washi Tape is an amalgamation of this and is a fabulous semi-transparent reusable tape. MT Tape is the tape of choice for any creative person, it comes in a fabulous range of colours and prints and can also be written on.

Ladurée Tape

Ladurée Washi Tape is a thing of beauty! These tapes feature beautiful illustrations and prints from their stunning stationery range. If you like your cake or cats then you are in for a treat. Ridiculously cute and everything you would expect from Ladurée with cherries on top!

Rifle Paper Tape

Rifle Paper Co. is full of colour and ties the full stationery range together with the complimenting colour combinations in each set. We think these tapes are a great way to decorate envelopes (snail mail we love you) and planners. Highlight important dates or just add a splash of colour to your page, whatever works for you.

Paper Poetry Tape

Paper Poetry's tape range is full of beautiful shimmery tapes that will add a touch of glitz to any surface they adorn.

We have found 1 Products
We have found 1 Products