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Open Sea - Tulip Oval Greeting Card


Open Sea are inspired by the natural world and the occult in equal measure. They delve into the unknown and create thoughtfully designed pieces in tribute to the mysterious customs and rituals of the past. The plant and animal realms of the natural kingdom are explored to create beautiful and timeless designs.

The main features of this Open Sea - Tulip Oval Greeting Card are

  • A2/4.25 x 5.5"
  • Folded Oval Card
  • Cream White Envelope
  • Blank Interior
  • 4 Color Digital Offset
  • Superfine Cream White Paper

Part of the Floriography card series, which uses the language of flowers to deliver a message.

Tulip: while each color of tulip has its own special meaning, in general, tulips represent romance, a declaration of love, adjustment, aloof, aspiration, charity, determination, elegance, grace, fame, imagination, importance, opportunity, resurrection, romance, sensuality, spiritual awareness, vanity, and wealth.

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