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Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty

Here at The Paper Parlour it felt like an eternity for the Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty exhibit to arrive at the V&A but on Wednesday we finally got to go see it.  We bought the book of the 2011 New York Met exhibition a couple of years ago and was so happy when we heard that we would get to see it in the flesh over here. 

If you get the chance you really should go, you will not regret it. We did not realise how vast the space dedicated to it would be, you go from room to room with each theatrical stage topping the last one. 

You can get completely lost in the colours, sounds, detail, drama and sheer beauty of it all. As you make your way around the exhibit you learn more about Alexander McQueen and the thoughts behind each collection. We especially loved seeing all the embroidery closeup and the feather creations in all their glory.

It was quite busy but luckily we had a membership card which meant we did not have to wait for a time slot and we could cut the extra long que. The membership is seriously worth considering if you go to the V&A regularly as you will more than make your money back. Plus if you pay an extra £20.00 when purchasing the membership you will then be able to take an extra person with you for FREE every time. If you don't go that often the standard entrance fee is more than reasonable and the show on offer is well worth it.

If you visit the V&A website you can see some short videos of behind the scenes, interviews and inside views. There is also a time lapse video of  how the exhibition was built. Souvenirs

We could not resist purchasing a few keepsakes to remember it by.

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