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MT Masking Tape Graphic Designs

We have just got some new Mt Masking Tape sets in. Each lovely box contains six crazy colourful printed tapes.




 We have two different styles available, Wamon (shown below) and the latest addition inventively titled Wamon 2!  


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Paper to Petals




Paper to Petals is a guide to creating beautiful paper flower decorations. It is not available until late August so I have added it to my wish list. I like many many people love flowers (specifically Peonies) so the idea of creating flowers that won't die on you sounds good to me.





This gives me the perfect excuse to get my Mt Washi Tape out to inject more colour and variation. I have not used the Daily Like Crafting paper set yet so watch this space, it may turn out to be a complete disaster but I am sure it will be fun!



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