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Floral Artist Claire Basler

We recently found Claire Basler and we are obsessed and smitten in equal measures with her beautiful paintings and murals.


Claire is a French artist and a master of floral painting. You will find many images below as we could not narrow them down, it was far to difficult to decide.

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Just imagine having paintings like these from floor to ceiling in your home, it would be breathtaking.

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We love the moody and atmospheric colour palettes and the grand scale of her paintings, transforming delicate flowers into both dreamy and dramatic murals.


 To view more of Claire Basler's work click here.

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Polaroid Post

Quite some time back over the Easter period I took  quite a few pictures. We had such a great start to Spring and I took these images to try and capture it. I took these using my new Fujifilm Instax Mini 7s Instant Photo camera. They have a new picture format so the images are credit card size. Also you have different light settings which I never had on my old polaroid. It only took a few shots to figure out but I like how there is a lens flare on some of the images caused by me doing the incorrect setting! It gives it a dreamlike quality.


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