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The Wellness Planner has arrived and we think you are going to love it! want to help you take care of yourself. So they made this wellness planner centred around self-care that is full of great advice and information from some female experts on topics like nutrition, exercise, and body positivity. It also includes pages to help with goal planning, meal planning, activity logs, and more. oh, and tons of stickers, of course.

The Wellness Planner has a soft pink hardcover with 'take care' printed across the front in gold foil. It has the classic logo on the back also printed in gold foil. It comes with gold finish metal hardware throughout and 3- ring binders inside. The planner is securely closed with a gold elastic band. The planner is perfectly proportioned at 20 cm. x 17 cm.

The Wellness Planner contains 5 sections Eat & Drink | Relax | Activities | Feelings | Goals

The Wellness Planner opens with a few pages giving you details about the people who helped create this planner and what qualifies them to help you. It also gives you their website details so you can find out more about each person. There are also perforated card squares that have helpful nuggets of information about ways to help your body and mind. Wellness Planner Eat & Drink

The Eat & Drink section starts with encouraging advice and discusses balance and wellness. It also has information about Superfoods too! Finally, it provides pages which allow you to plan what you are going to make Monday to Sunday and another page asks you to list what you are going to buy from various food groups. It is super helpful and makes you plan ahead and think about what food groups you are actually eating from. Also, this section encourages you to drink more water. It has a weekly plan which asks "Are you drinking enough water?" You are provided with little stickers to mark how often you are drinking in the planner. Seeing it marked down will make you think more conciously about what you are drinking in a day. Wellness Planner Relax

The Relax section commences with words of expert advice helping you to relax and unplug. This section also discusses self-love, receiving energy through crystals and a good old girls' night in. It includes 2 more pages of cute illustrated stickers which you can use in the final pages of this section which let you note down stuff to watch, stuff to read, stuff to listen to and stuff to do with friends. Wellness Planner Activities

The activity section is filled with advice on getting motivated, getting fit and sticking to it. It encourages body positivity and mindfulness when approaching getting fit and staying active. At the back of this section, you have a 'Do All The Things' pages which allows you to gain some structure when planning your weekly activities. Wellness Planner Feelings

Once again you will be given some expert advice about being the best you that you can be without adding more pressure to yourself and your life. This section is truly helpful without being preachy. The advice is concise and you can refer back to it when you need refreshing or a quick pick me up. At the back of this section is a mood rating system so you can track your daily feelings. Wellness Planner Goals

You end this fabulous planner with the Goals section. So as well as advice about organising your life you are encouraged to write about your goals and the steps you need to take to get there. The goals section starts with "Big Goals" which may require a bit of time to achieve but there are also pages which focus on daily goals. For many of us, big goals may seem impossible to achieve so daily goals are a great way to start and you can build up to those big goals along the way. 

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