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Christmas Gift Wrapping

Christmas Gift Wrapping

So you have all of these lovely gifts stacked up and ready to go but they are missing the final decorative touch, Christmas Gift Wrapping! If like us you are a bit of packaging nut you will appreciate the importance of a well-placed Santa sticker. Here we are taking a look at some decorative Christmas items that will add the final flourish to your gifts and cards this festive season. 


Christmas Gift Wrapping -Meri Meri Stickers

Meri Meri is our go-to brand for fun and cute Christmas packaging. They have the sweetest designs which are usually accented with either foil details or glitter! We generally opt for quite simple and low-cost paper to wrap gifts in and one of our favourites is brown parcel paper. It has a timeless and nostalgic look that is the perfect backdrop for glitter and ribbon to sit on. These Meri Meri Sticker Rolls look fabulous of gift wrap and the Reindeer stickers have glittery antlers! 


Christmas Gift Wrapping - Meri Meri Decorative Details

Instead of ribbon perhaps consider these Meri Meri glitter Star Garlands that can be draped around extra special gifts. 


Christmas Gift Wrapping - Rifle Paper Co. Stickers

Rifle Paper Co. Christmas stickers have a true old world appeal. You get three sheets per pack and each set has a wonderful array of retro look prints with sweet slogans and sayings. 


Christmas Gift Wrapping - Rifle Paper Co. Christmas Cards

We have a vast array of Rifle Paper Co. Christmas cards and postcards. Below we have featured a small selection of new designs out this year but head on over to our website to see the full range available. Each card is adorned with decorative foil details and beautiful illustrations. 


Christmas Gift Wrapping - Christmas Gift Tags

Gift tags have advanced a lot in terms of design and detail, just look at these Meri Meri Gift Tag sets below!  If you are looking for a more traditional look then these Rifle Paper Co. Gift Tags are ideal and they also compliment the Rifle Paper Co. Christmas Card range perfectly.  

Click here to view our full Christmas Gift Wrapping range.

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