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Happy New Year!

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Hello and Happy New Year, I must start by apologizing for the lack of posts towards the end of last year. From start to finish 2013 has unfortunately lived up to its bad reputation culminating in a rather grand and disastrous finale in November and December. I am sure there are many people who have also been affected by this bad weather and the tidal surges which are still going on as I type, so I wish them all the best. All in all I am quite happy to see the back of last year. I must say however, one of the truly lovely features of 2013 for me has been The Paper Parlour. Thank you to our loyal returning customers and to the many new patrons who have made it a wonderful year. We hope to keep finding new and exciting items and obviously we will still be keeping all of the firm favourites for you! Please keep checking in over the coming weeks to see all the new additions to The Paper Parlour. All the best for 2014

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