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Hurry up!

Well I am willing the sunshine to arrive properly with all my being! I am spell bound over every flower bud I see. I felt a post dedicated to flowers was needed. 

 I read an article in the April edition of Elle about Thierry Boutemy which was very interesting. Thierry Boutemy does floral arrangements for a wide range of people and events from weddings to films and fashion shows/campaigns for top designers and directors. He is based in Belgium although he originates from Paris. He created the flowers for the Sofia Coppola film Marie Antoinette.

Thierry Boutemy's work is never predictable


Once Wed and artist Michelle Armas joined forces to create these beautiful images. The floral arrangements are inspired by Michelle's amazing paintings and colour palettes.


The picture below is one I took. Using the lomogrphy LC-A camera I took some pictures in the Autumn and the last image I took that day I slid the button back so the next image I took would overlap it. I completely forgot about this and did not use this camera again until the following spring and this was the image I found. I love getting a bundle of pictures back and not knowing what you are going to find, that is the beauty of lamography.

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