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Johnson Tsang - Weird & Wonderful

I came across this first image and it made me chuckle. I thought it was magic how the little baby/creepy old man flew out of the crushed head so gracefully. Then I thought how amazing the detail was and I had to find out some more.  Johnson Tsang is the  Hong Kong based artist and sculptor behind these amazing creations.

Johnson Tsang

He has showcased his work all over the world in a variety of exhibitions.

I know these pieces are life like but they seem so much more than that. They move whilst keeping still (as odd as that sounds)

Everything looks so delicate and alive I cannot fathom how labour intensive they must be to make.


Not only does he focus on ceramics but he is also a master of stainless steel sculpture. He makes in a variety of styles with varying subject matters from the fun and amusing to the more macabre and gritty real world topics of death and war.


You really most follow these links to his Blog and Facebook page as he has images of him creating his work step by step and it is wonderful to see this process.

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