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Kate Spade Candles

Kate Spade Candles

Please welcome this fabulous new range of Kate Spade Candles! We have all medium sizes in stock, they are the perfect size to give as a gift to someone special or as a treat for yourself. Each candle holds 5oz /142g in a stylish glass vessel. The wax is made up of a soy-paraffin blend, soy wax burns longer whilst paraffin wax holds the scent very well.


Kate Spade Candles - Bazaar

I currently have the Bazaar scented candle on my nightstand and it is beautiful! It has key fragrance notes of exotic spices, Moroccan rose & tobacco and it is dreamy! This candle has the slogan "so many spices, so little room in her suitcase." It has a perfect blend of sweet and spicy notes creating a truly memorable scent.


Kate Spade Candles - Coast

If you are wanting to be whisked away to the seaside then Coast will take you there. It has key fragrance notes of sea salt, marine breeze & driftwood. The slogan for Coast is "on Fridays, she looks forward to salty sea air and the wind in her hair." 


Kate Spade Candles - Garden

This pretty in pink candle smells exactly like a perfect summer garden. Garden has key fragrance notes of cassis, pink peony & jasmine. The slogan for Garden is "she's always late because she stops to smell the flowers." 


Kate Spade Candles - Island

If you are wanting a slightly more exotic coastal escape then Island will fit the bill. The key fragrance notes are coconut milk, white sand & orange flower, and it smells delicious! The slogan for Island is "she dreams of sandy shores and coconut cocktails with lime." 


Kate Spade Candles - Park

One of the great things about all of these candles is that the name of each fragrance perfectly describes the scent and Park certainly does that. Park's key fragrance notes are fresh cut grass, violet leaf & green apple. The slogan for Park is "she laid in the grass and found her place in the sun."

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