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Kaweco Pens at The Paper Parlour

Kaweco Pens at The Paper Parlour

Please welcome the fabulous Kaweco Pens to The Paper Parlour. We love love love to write and we wanted to introduce a classic pen that is great to write with and looks stylish and we found it with Kaweco pens. Kaweco is based in Heidelberg, Germany. The company was initially founded in 1883 and is now an iconic brand loved all over the world.


Kaweco Pens - Ballpoint Pen

On a day to day basis, we use ballpoint pens for quick and easy notes. The short and chunky shape of a Kaweco pen makes it comfortable to grip and hold. These pens are made from ABS injection-moulded plastic, ABS is a thermoplastic material known for its high impact resistance and toughness. Furthermore, it exhibits good resistance to scratching and rigidity. 

Kaweco Ballpoint Pen

Kaweco Pens - Fountain Pen

On days when you want a slightly more elegant finish to your writing, a fountain pen adds a really lovely touch. This type of pen is great for journal writing and letter writing in general. All of our selection of Kaweco fountain pens have a medium nib. We have two styles to choose from, Skyline Sport which comes with a silver stainless steel nib and the Classic Sport which has a gold-plated stainless steel nib.

Kaweco Fountain Pen

Kaweco Pens - Mechanical Pencil

For those who prefer lead to ink, you will be happy to know Kaweco have not forgotten about you. Kaweco has a fab range of mechanical pencils. The push button release is easily removed to insert replacement lead. Kaweco pens and pencils are incredibly practical and useful objects but more than that they are a fabulous piece of design.The shape, the finish and the colour options available all come together to create something rather special.

Kaweco Pencil

Please click here to view our full range from Kaweco.

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