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Ladurée Stationery - Les Secrets

Ladurée Stationery - Les Secrets

Ooh La La  Ladurée Stationery has arrived at The Paper Parlour. Qui, mes amis, we are now stocking this super sweet stationery range and we can let you know that it is just as stunning as we hoped it would be. 

Ladurée Stationery - Notebooks & Address Books

We have several different notebook styles to choose from. Below we have the A6 (Size: 14.8 x 10.4cm) notebook set. Included are 3 mini notebooks each featuring a different design. There are 3x different sets to choose from, pictured below is the Poétique Set. The other two designs are Romantique and Classique. All sets feature classic Ladurée prints. Next up is the B6 Notebook available in 3 different designs. Pictured below is Danseusebut, we also have Macaron (Black) and Léonore (Mint Green). These address books have a lovely, quality finish with metallic corners that protect the edges and an elastic closure. Below is the stunning Ladurée Address Book. We have this in two different designs, Arabesque (Green) and Versailles (Pink). This is a hardcover address book with 160 pages to fill and perfectly sized at 18.7 x 12.5cm. 

Ladurée Stationery - Pens & Erasers

Yes, these pens are ridiculously cute! There are three different styles available and we honestly do not know how you will decide which one to choose! The same goes for the Macaron eraser sets! Yes, erasers that are made to look like macarons! These sets are available in three different colour combinations. And as if Ladurée stationery could not get any better, we have the Ladurée Gourmandises Pencil Set. 

Ladurée Stationery - Cases

Ladurée Cases are made to an exacting standard and they are all finished with beautiful prints. The have a gold finish zip and zip charm for that added little bit of extra glitz. They are made from a PVC material. 

Ladurée Stationery - Stickers

We have the full range of Ladurée stickers to choose from. These are perfect for embellishing planners and notebooks. 

Ladurée Stationery - Washi Tape

If you are a washi tape fan then these Ladurée Washi Tapes will make your head spin. We sell the designs separately and in sets. Each tape features a super sweet Ladurée inspired print. So we have shown you a quick snippet of our Ladurée Stationery range in this post, click here to view our full range of Ladurée Stationery!

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