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Monograph Stationery

Monograph Stationery

Monograph Stationery - “For everyday entrepreneurs and creative thinkers”

Monograph stationery combines Scandinavian design with a practical edge. Decorative and functional elements combine to create a stylish and atmospheric stationery range. 


Monograph Stationery - Notebooks

We adore the stunning colour palette of these notebooks. Icy cool blues and greys with the soft light burgundy are just divine. The A4 size comes in 3 different colours, the A5 size is only available in Soft Light Grey. They all have gold details on the cover which shimmer perfectly against the muted cover colours. Use the notebook for your creative ideas, thoughts and to-do lists. 


Monograph Stationery - Writing Tools

You can never have too many writing tools, especially not pencils. These pencils come in an assortment of 6 beautiful designs in a cool box that will definitely look good on a desk – both at home or at the office. The Monograph Rubber Ball's fine, round design shows how a small everyday item can easily contribute to the home’s décor and aesthetic. Take your pick from brass plated scissors, eraser sets stylishly packaged in frosted transparent bags and super useful index tabs. There are oodles of desk treats to choose from.


Monograph Stationery - Staplers  & Sharpener

Every desk needs a stylish stapler so take a look at these mint marvels! They come in two sizes and each one has a box of staples included! If you like the look of these then take a look at the retro Office Sharpener, it takes us back to our school days. 


Monograph Stationery - Organisation

The key to a good workspace is obviously organisation. The House Doctor Stationery Organiser Set is the perfect place to house all writing tools and stationery sundries. It helps you to keep track of all of the small things in the office – and it does so in style. The set is made of brass, which adds warmth and personality to your home. When you get a good idea, you should not spend time looking for a pencil to write it down with. This organizer ensures that you will always have your small bits and bobs within easy reach, from pencils to paper clips! What do you do with all of the tapes you have got lying around, the notes from school or other small items? With these Simply Storage Basket from House Doctor, you get a practical and stylish storage solution for all of the small items that you want to keep within reach – without them making a big mess or get lost. This set consists of 2 wire baskets in 2 sizes. The baskets are made of iron that is painted in a blank brass colour, which adds personality and liveliness to your home.      

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