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Papaya Art

I thought it would be best to start off by introducing the different brands we have on the site. I will start with Papaya Art. In 2003 PAPAYA! was founded by Gina & Anahata Katkin in California. They are a mother and daughter team which initially started the brand using imagery from Anahata's hand made sketch books to create greetings cards. The brand has developed and expanded enormously to incorporate journals, address books, postcards, water bottles and wall art. I love that the artistic design is not limited to just the front page it carries right on through. I think the combination of trippy dreams and world traveller images are beautiful. The moment I saw the card with the slogan 'Eat Cake Bitches' across it I knew I had found something special. I hope you enjoy this amazing range  as much as I do! Please follow this link to view more items from Papaya!  

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