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Paula Skene UK Stockist

Paula Skene UK Stockist

If you did not already know we are pleased to tell you we are a Paula Skene UK Stockist. We have admired Paula Skene Cards for many years and are over the moon to finally stock them.Paula Skene UK Stockist

Paula Skene and her team design the most captivating designs and it is no exaggeration that the quality of materials used to create them are outstanding. They have to be seen in person to truly appreciate the intricate details and textures.

Paula Skene Birthday Cards

The Paula Skene team intentionally create fewer designs so they can then focus on creating exceptional designs. Each design is made with hand carved brass dies (not machine made) & hand crafted counter dies. 

Paula Skene Easter Cards

Each card is embossed and foil colour is applied. Embossing is created when the paper is put between the two dies and the press closes and puts pressure on the paper.  Foil colour is created by a stamping die.  Each colour is a separate die. Many designs require up to six passes of colour all in perfect registration.

Paula Skene Halloween Cards

We first found Paula Skene Designs when we came across their amazing Halloween cards. The spooky foil embellished designs really stand out especially when placed on dark backgrounds.

Paula Skene Christmas Cards

Paula Skene Christmas cards are something really rather special. They really bring that festive glitz to all of their designs. We stock both single cards and card sets. We also stock the mini enclosure cards which are perfect to attach to Christmas presents and use as a beautiful gift tag.

These are not mass produced cards being churned out thousands at a time. Due to the laborious techniques involved, they are produced one card at a time in house at the Paula Skene design studio in San Francisco.

Click here to view the full Paula Skene range.

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