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Rifle Paper Co 2020-2021 Planners

Rifle Paper Co 2020-2021 Planners

The best planners in the world, without a question, are these Rifle Paper Co 2020-2021 Planners (in my humble opinion). Stunning on the outside and just as pretty on the inside plus they are full-on practical too. 

Rifle Paper Co 2020-2021 Planners - Which Print??

Firstly you have to make the monumental decision about which design to choose. Speaking as a Libran, this is without a doubt one of my biggest dilemmas every year. So basically, good luck with deciding on which design to go for! 

Rifle Paper Co Luisa Planner

The Luisa print has that dreamy dusty pink, blue/green colour palette that makes me drool quite honestly. It showcases my favourite colour combinations beautifully.

Rifle Paper Wild Garden Planner

Wild Garden has that classic delicate flower print. With a vibrant colour palette for the flowers, they burst from the page against the soft white background.

Rifle Paper Co Strawberry Fields Planner

Next, we have the super pretty Strawberry fields print. The black background of this magical print helps illuminate the throng of lush flowers across the cover. 

Rifle Paper Co Type A Planner

Finally, we have the Type A Planner for all the competitive, highly organized, ambitious and highly aware of time management people out there. This is a complete contrast to the other floral-themed designs and we love it! Please note that this design is only available in a small size.

Rifle Paper Co 2020-2021 Planners - Large or Small

Rifle Paper Co gives you the choice of two sizes and they both cost the same. The large planner is good if you wish to use it in the same place daily. Your desk would look fab with this perched on it every day. It also gives you that little bit of extra space to write freely. Large size: 21×25.4cm.

Rifle Paper Co Large Strawberry Fields Planner

The small size has a covered spiral for a more streamlined looked. It will fit in most handbags easily and as the spiral binding is covered it will not catch on anything in your bag. Small size: 17.2×21cm.

 Rifle Paper Co Wild Garden Planner

Rifle Paper Co 2020-2021 Planners - Stickers!!!

The sticker pages are one of the best features of these planners. I say this as a fully grown adult with no shame or embarrassment! My inner 7-year-old girl comes alive when I see these sweet illustrations! Honestly, they cheer me up no end. The small planners have 3 pages and the large planners have 2 pages however you will find that as the large planner has a bigger space to fill you will not miss out (phew I hear you say).

Rifle Paper Co Stickers


Rifle Paper Co 2020-2021 Planners - Layout

 As practical as they are pretty Rifle Paper Co 2020-2021 Planners will keep you organised like a pro. Each planner includes weekly & monthly calendar pages and sections for celebrations, notes and important contacts. There is a super handy pocket folder at the back to hold loose notes and bits of paper.

Rifle Paper Co 2020-2021 Planner Inside

I know our year has been pretty rubbish so far. In the space of 3 months, the world has turned on its head and we are all just starting to regain some sort of balance. Numerous, gatherings, catchups, appointments and holidays will sadly have been cancelled. These planners start in August so you can start afresh now. Re-structure your year and make alternative plans without the constant reminders of scribbled out events getting you down. We are all living a new normal now so I say let us try to plough on through and keep going! 

If you get a chance please take a look at Living Letter Plans YouTube video! This informative video gives you a closer look at the full layout of these planners.

Please click here to view the full Rifle Paper Co range.

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