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Royal Nymphenburg

Here at The Paper Parlour we had seen various examples of this porcelain before and we loved it but we never knew anything about the creators and makers behind it. Thank goodness we stumbled across a book called 'The Craft and The Makers - Tradition with Attitude'. This book is a wonderful source of inspiration and information about various crafters and makers who create the most interesting pieces and products.  Well I found out that this is Nymphenburg Porcelain and isn't it beautiful!




Royal Nymphenburg as it is more commonly known is hand made porcelain crafted with excruciating detail. Each piece can take weeks at a time to complete. Its manufacturers date back to 1753, crossing and changing hands at various points throughout history.




In 1975 it was revived by the Wittelsbach Compensation Fund that is run by the Duke of Bavaria no less! The factory has always been situated in the grounds of the rather grand Nymphenburg Palace in Bavaria, Munich.



The Nymphenburg archives contain a model of every single piece ever made. The Nymphenburg Porcelain Museum is also located at the Nymphenburg Palace. We feel a trip to Bavaria is called for!

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