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Seedlings Greeting Cards

Seedlings Greeting Cards

Are you tired of the digital world taking over? Do you long for the days when receiving a handwritten letter was a cause for celebration? Well, my friend, you're in luck! Seedlings, a boutique stationery line, is here to bring back the joy of snail mail and keep the art of paper alive and kicking.

Seedlings understands that paper nerds like us still exist in this digital age. They believe that snail mail is the best mail and that paper is here to stay. That's why they've created a line of stationery that combines the love for paper with a touch of eco-friendliness.

Collaborating with Artists

Seedlings Paper Company believes in the power of collaboration. They work with a diverse range of artists, each bringing their unique style and perspective to the table. Every collaboration is a chance to create something truly special. And when you combine the artist's vision with Seedlings' expertise in gold foil, the result is pure magic.

Artistically Placed Gold Foil

Seedlings Paper Company doesn't just slap gold foil on their designs randomly. Oh no, they take it to a whole new level of artistry. The gold foil details are strategically placed to enhance the overall design and draw attention to specific elements. It's like a game of hide-and-seek, but instead of finding a hidden object, you discover a shimmering surprise.

Imagine opening a greeting card and seeing delicate gold foil accents on the flowers, making them come alive with a radiant glow. Seedlings Paper Company knows how to make gold foil shine in all the right places.


What is Seed Paper?

Throughout the line, they have incorporated seed paper in their packaging wherever possible. But what exactly is seed paper, you ask? Well, let us enlighten you!

Seed paper is a magical creation that combines the beauty of paper with the power of nature. It's a biodegradable eco-paper made with post-consumer materials, so no trees were harmed in the making of this paper! But here's the best part: it's embedded with seeds!

With just a few quick steps, you'll be on your way to growing your very own wildflowers. It's like a little surprise gift from Mother Nature herself!

How Does it Work?

Remove sections with glue and soak paper in water overnight.

Fill planter with 2/3 soil + place seed paper inside. Add light layer of soil on top.

Place planter in a sunny spot. Water well for at least 4-6 weeks.


Once you see sprouts, you can choose to transplant to an outdoor area.

Before you know it, those tiny seeds will sprout, and the paper will compost away, leaving behind a beautiful bed of flowers. It's like witnessing a mini miracle in your own backyard!

Spread Joy and Flowers

With Seedlings, you can not only send heartfelt messages to your loved ones but also spread joy and flowers wherever your stationery goes. Imagine the delight on someone's face when they receive a handwritten note and discover that the envelope is not just your standard paper, but a paper that grows into a garden.

So, whether you're a paper nerd, a nature lover, or simply someone who appreciates the little things in life, Seedlings is here to bring a touch of magic and eco-friendliness to your stationery collection. Let's keep the art of paper alive and blooming!

So, if you're tired of the same old stationery options and want to add a touch of sparkle to your life, look no further than Seedlings Paper Company. They'll make your heart skip a beat with their artistic collaborations and gold foil details that are nothing short of magical.

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