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Snail Mail We LOVE You

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Snail Mail We LOVE You

Here at The Paper Parlour we truly LOVE Snail Mail. There is something so uplifting about getting a hand written letter in the post. Everything is so instant and off the cuff these days and we think it is time to be a bit more thoughtful. So stop your texting and halt your emailing just for a little while and pick up that pen!

Rifle Paper Co.

Rifle Paper Co. Writing Sets are a beautiful way of sending letters. They feature the distinct artwork of Rifle Paper Co. Above we have the Birch Monarch Writing Pad and Birch Monarch Envelope Set as well as some stickers from the Rifle Paper Co. Par Avion Stickers & Labels Set. Below we have Rifle Paper Co. Violet Floral Social Stationery Set that is housed in a gorgeous matching box.

Rifle Paper Co.

GET CREATIVE!! Add cards, drawings, photos or little keepsakes. Decorate with colourful tapes and stickers. We are major sticker geeks here and after amassing a little treasure trove of them we realised that yes, they are indeed lovely to look at BUT they are even better to share. Go crazy with your stickers and labelling, it would be a crime against stickers not to use them for their intended purpose. Ahh! we nearly forgot our most favourite ingredient... glitter!!! Yes glitter can make the darkest day bright so just go nuts!

Letter Writing

Considering what you need to convey is obviously at the core of letter writing but once you have written a letter there is nothing more frustrating than spotting a spelling mistake. Think carefully about what you are writing and most importantly take your time.

Click here to view all of our letter writing bits and bobs!

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