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The Art of Letter Writing

The Art of Letter Writing

The Art of Letter Writing is truly an art. It takes practice and thoughtful contemplation, placing words in a way which truly conveys your intended message. Grammar and punctuation set the tone, allowing the words to express your true meaning. You don't have to be perfect though (thank goodness) as my grammar and punctuation are severely lacking, I suppose that is why it is recommended that you practice!

Here at The Paper Parlour we think art compliments the written word that is why we love all of our beautiful letter sets. Decorative details only add to the joy of receiving mail from someone. These Oana Befort sets pictured above and below are full of colour and beautiful illustrations. Every element has been carefully thought out to enhance the experience of receiving this letter.

The modern world of technology has had a huge affect on our social interactions. Whilst it is great that it is so easy to keep in touch with one another I don't know how close we actually are. What with short messages, abbreviated words and conveying emotions with an emoji, I believe this short hand to the point communication we are a part of is only skin-deep. When someone takes the time to put pen to paper not only does it take them time but it is a chance for that person to take some time out of their day to connect with the recipient in a way which is not fleeting or careless and that is quite an achievement considering the fast paced life we all have to take part in.

I don't know about you but I love receiving letters. There is something quite nostalgic and magical about them. Many moons ago my aunt lived in Greece and she was an avid letter writer. I would receive a bundle of pages filled front and back with details of her adventures, I would be always excited to receive one of her letters.

Imogen Owen Luxury Writing Sets

These Imogen Owen luxury writing sets pictured below are incredibly beautiful. Each envelope is hand lined with either a parrot or toucan design depending on the set you chose.

Rifle Paper Co. Social Stationery Sets

Rifle Paper Co. create beautiful sets featuring their signature prints and packaged in a matching decorative box. They also cater to those who prefer a larger (A4) sheet of paper to write on with their Monarch envelope sets.


Katie Leamon Heirloom Range Notecard Sets

We love these Katie Leamon notecard sets. They feature amazing illustrations which are the result of a collaboration between Katie Leamon and the fashion brand Lily & Lionel. The range is called the Heirloom range which is perfect for the vintage old world feel these sets have.

If you are looking to add an extra flourish to your correspondence then a perfectly placed sticker or two would do the trick. The Rifle Paper co. sticker sheets have 3 pages of delightful designs to choose from.

We have many beautiful sets to choose from so click here to view our full range of writing sets.


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