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The Enchanted Palace

This following post is not exactly related to stationary but then I hope this blog will show a mix of topics. If like me you love all things creative especially fairy tales then this may be of interest. I have been down to London and visited the Enchanted Palace exhibit at Kensington Palace. The whole exhibit is based around seven princesses who have lived at the palace. Each room had a different installation by various artists and designers such as Vivienne Westwood and Boudica. It was quite spooky and atmospheric and well worth the trip! I especially loved ‘The Room of a Sleeping Princess’ which had layers of mattresses piled up. Apparently as a child, Queen Victoria would sleep walk so they piled mattresses up to prevent her from getting  out of bed. Every morning they would find her back in bed but with messy hair and dirty feet caused by her travels in the night. Also in the room they had big paper puppet dolls and ballet slippers strewn across the floor.


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