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Vera Bradley Planners & Stationery

Vera Bradley Planners & Stationery

Its official we now stock Vera Bradley Planners & Stationery! Not only that we also stock Vera Bradley drinkware items too!

Vera Bradley Planners

Vera Bradley Planners come in a variety of styles and stunning prints. You will find it almost impossible to select just one design. Vera Bradley offer non-dated Planners, Student Planners, Mid-Year Planners and 12-Month Planners.

Vera Bradley Student Planners

The Vera Bradley Student Planner is specifically designed for all you students out there. It runs from August to August and has a super handy semester schedule. Each month also has a monthly view as well as the 7 Day weekly spread. The weekly spread is slightly different to our other planners as each day runs vertically down the page, with 7 days split across two pages.

Vera Bradley Student Planner

The size and weight of the Student Planner is perfect for fitting in your bag on a daily basis plus it has a patterned flexible cover with elastic closure for ease of use. The Planner has a pocket in the front, perfect for storing any stray bits of paper or notes. It also has a snap-in page keeper so you can easily open to the page needed. We love the sticker page, it has informative stickers so you can mark events, deadlines and social events throughout the Planner.

The Planner has a high quality finish with 16 laminated tabs. The Vera Bradley Student Planner comes in 3 different prints and is 6.50" w x 8.50" h.

Vera Bradley 2019-2020 Mid-Year Planners

The Vera Bradley 2019-2020 Mid-Year Planner is available in two sizes, Medium & Large. It runs for a whopping 17 Months, from August 2019 – December 2020. Each size is available in 3 different prints but all have a hard cover with elastic band closure.

Vera Bradley Large Mid-Year Planners
Vera Bradley Medium Mid-Year Planners

The Mid-Year Planners include a very similar layout to the Student planner, including a pocket in the front, plastic snap in page keeper and sticker sheet. This design includes Holidays, celebrations, contacts and notes pages. It does not include the Semester pages and the weekly layout pages are different. This layout is the most common planner layout with the days running landscape across each page, with 7 days over two pages.

Vera Bradley Non-dated Planners

These Vera Bradley Non-dated Planners are excellent Planners to pick up and start at any point during the year. Start whenever it suits you! They have 12 different tabs with monthly/weekly spreads and sections for important dates, address logs, helpful information. You also get the fab page of planner stickers, to do list notepad and blank pages for notes and a snap in bookmark to easily keep your place!

Vera Bradley Non Dated Planner

Vera Bradley Daily Planner

Here we have another non-dated Planner but this Planner is all about keeping you super super organised. Please say hello to the Vera Bradley To Do Planner, Butterfly Flutter 

This Planner has a flexi plastic cover with rose gold accents. It includes sections on your daily schedule, to-do's, shopping lists, and top priorities. It has undated pages and has perforated edges to easily tear off sheets.


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