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Weekly Undated Happiness Planner

Weekly Undated Happiness Planner

The Weekly Undated Happiness Planner can be picked up and started at any point during the year. So, if you felt too much pressure to start the new year on a new path then do not worry, just start this Planner when you feel ready to. More than just an organizer, this planner goes further than the running of your day to day. It encourages you to set goals, practice self-reflection and it helps you plan your life around things that matter the most. 


Weekly undated Happiness Planner - Stylish Design

The Weekly Undated Happiness Planner has a hardcover with rose gold or silver logo and corners. It is Spiral bound so you can turn those pages easily and write comfortably. They are 230mm x 165mm with 369 white 100g pages. They have an inner pocket and hand pen holder. The Planners are beautifully packaged in a box with a bubble wrap and a drawstring bag. In the box you will find a pen & clips, reflection & planning printables and quote cards. The Weekly Undated Happiness Planners encourages you to start each day with an exciting and inspiring thought. You will be guided down a path that makes you take stock of your life and helps you cut out the things that hold you back. Train your mind to always look at the positive side of things. Learn to master the art of resilience. Strengthen relationships with your loved ones. Spend more time and money on things that truly make you happy. Eat healthily and exercise regularly 


Inside Layout of the Weekly Undated Happiness Planner

The planner includes 'Your Happiness Roadmap'. This section is designed to help you become more self-aware and understand yourself better. It comes with questions that seem simple, yet, very crucial for you to ask yourself so that you can set goals that will make you feel truly fulfilled once you achieve them. You will find a 2019/2020 Calendar Overview (Sunday start), undated 12 Monthly Overviews and 52 Weekly Quotes. You will have a weekly goal setting for a 52-Week Period, weekly planners for a 52-week period, weekly reflections for a 52-week period. There are super hand dot grid pages for Bullet Journaling. Finishing it off are the end-of-year reflections.  

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