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When will Spring arrive?

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I have become slightly obsessed with bird motifs and I think it is due to my need for Spring to arrive! I came across this first image via Pinterest and the picture eventually took me to here. The combination of birds and cross stitch made my head spin! 1 Below is another colourful and cute birdy Pinterest find. I think his/her colours are beautiful. Next up is a plate from Anthropologie. My grandma always had cockatiels growing up and now I am weirdly drawn to any imagery with them in, which is exemplified again in the image above. The final image came from photographer Luke Stephenson, it is part of a brilliant collection called The Incomplete Dictionary of Show Birds. 2 Below are some Papaya Art Panels featuring lovely bird motifs combined with another of my favourite things... glitter! Click here to view more. 3 This post is dedicated to the almighty Season of Spring, please feel free to join us... now!

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