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When will Spring arrive?

I have become slightly obsessed with bird motifs and I think it is due to my need for Spring to arrive! I came across this first image via Pinterest. The combination of birds and cross stitch made my head spin!


Below is another colourful and cute birdy Pinterest find. I think his/her colours are beautiful. Next up is a plate from Anthropologie. My grandma always had cockatiels growing up and now I am weirdly drawn to any imagery with them in, which is exemplified again in the image above. The final image came from photographer Luke Stephenson, it is part of a brilliant collection called The Incomplete Dictionary of Show Birds.


Below are some Papaya Art Panels featuring lovely bird motifs combined with another of my favourite things... glitter! Click here to view more.


This post is dedicated to the almighty Season of Spring, please feel free to join us... now!

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