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Workstations For Stationery

Workstations For Stationery

The Paper Parlour Loves Antique Desks & Bureaus

We all know how truly fabulous our stationery collections are so, surely this means they deserve to be displayed in a truly fabulous way!? We believe our workstations are the best and most obvious place for this to happen!

As well as stationery addicts we are also Pinterest addicts and we have a board dedicated to Workstations For Stationery. Here are some of our favourite examples of some rather snazzy workstations! 

We have a major penchant for antique desks and bureaus. There is something rather charming about little drawers being cocooned inside a desk hiding treasure (or ink stains). Walnut is our wood of choice but we're not overly picky when it comes antique desks. A desk that has been making its way through the world longer than we have is something quite magical. 

Here, we may be slightly enamoured with the stunning tiles in the background but this blonde wood beauty holds its own against the stylish backdrop. Chunky and solid, the top of this desk would hold an abundance of stationery essentials. Just think of all that stationery styling you could do.

Simple and elegant is a great way to go especially when you have beautiful brass drawer pulls to look at. Also those drawers are the perfect size to hold a quality pen collection or eraser collection, oh the possibilities!

Totally different to our much loved antique aesthetic but we really adore brushed gold/brass metal finishes. Combine it with a marble top and we are sold. This modern design with clean lines would sit easily in any room, old or new and is the ideal look to capture some Instagram worthy shots of your much loved stationery items.

So this is the mother of all display and desk situations. Shelves for notebooks or your trusty planner and chunkier stationery essentials too. Then a clear work space to get the practical stuff done on.

Oh be still my beating heart! Look at all those compartments, all those compartments that can be filled with beautiful stationery. Surely a stationery addicts dream. True #deskgoals are right before our eyes with this Wooten desk! Another good search term to use is 'Antique Secretary Desk' when looking for this style of desk. Just think, you can carry on hoarding your stationery without worrying about where you can store it all.

Stationery on the go! Perfect for those who may have to move about a bit and a must for a letter writing aficionado. So if snail mail is your thing then (we obvs love you) this portable desk is the one to look for. Your envelopes and cards can be stacked efficiently thus avoiding those dastardly scuffed corners.

Unfortunately it has not been possible to trace exactly where all of these images have come from. We have found these images in our searches on Pinterest over the years and many do not lead to the original source. Any images that we have been able to trace will link to the original source when you click on the image. If you are looking for similar items then we have found an abundance of antique desks on Ebay. Alternatively, if you have a love of antique hunting then local antique centers are the best places to see antique desks in person.

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