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Katie Housley Greeting Cards

Katie Housley Greeting Cards

We have just recently welcomed Katie Housley Cards to our store. When the delivery arrived there was a lot of oohing and ahhing going on as we unpacked! 

Katie Housley Butterfly & Moth Cards

Below we have a beautiful die cut butterfly. There are two more flying creatures in this range. We particularly love the blue & green moth. Each design has beautiful gold foil details. The attention to detail is a stand out theme throughout the whole range of Katie Housley cards. 

Katie Housley Cards

Check out Jazzy McSnazzy Pants below. This range of hand finished cards include animal illustrations with gold finish details playfully placed to great affect. We love the simplicity afforded to this collection of illustrations, it makes all the glittery gold details pop.

Once again Katie uses simple line drawings but this time combines them with subtle washes of colour. Finally, she adds gold foil details to add an extra layer of pretty.

Katie Housley Greeting Cards

In this last image we have quite a contrast, lots of colour! We love the painterly style used for this floral explosion. There are several cards created in this style so you are sure to find the right one for the occasion in hand. Once again Katie incorporates gold foil details to highlight flowers, bird wings and more (so pretty!). 

Katie Housley Greeting Cards

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