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Katie Leamon at The Paper Parlour

Katie Leamon at The Paper Parlour
We are so excited to welcome Katie Leamon to The Paper Parlour. Brace yourselves, you are sure to fall head over heels in love with this range!

Katie Leamon Heirloom Collection
Katie Leamon is a design led card & stationery brand. They are rooted in the desire to create beautiful, practical design with tangible craftsmanship.

We welcome their latest range 'Heirloom' to The Paper Parlour with a touch of giddiness as it is so blummin' beautiful. My inner 8 year old is literally skipping as it is that pretty. Katie has joined forces with Lily & Lionel to create something that can only be called stationery perfection. Lily & Lionel is a print and fashion brand and Alice Stone is the woman behind it all. Alice creates timeless prints for her clothing and had always felt an affinity with stationery so this collaboration was written in the stars.

Katie Leamon Heirloom Greeting Cards

Pictured above we have Katie Leamon Heirloom Greeting Cards with sweet scalloped edges.

Both Katie and Alice are focused on creating sustainable products that will be treasured for years to come. Katie Leamon stationery is all sustainably sourced and proudly made in the UK.

Above we have an example of just one of the Katie Leamon Heirloom gift wrap sheets. The paper is double sided which is a complete game changer! The prints are complimentary so if you have a number of gifts to wrap you can mix things up making them look like twice the effort and thought has gone into wrapping that gift!  It may be a tad difficult parting with a gift wrapped like this away never mind the person who has to open it! 


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