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The Paper Parlour Blog

Rifle Paper Co Sping/Summer 2019

Rifle Paper Co Sping/Summer 2019
Rifle Paper Co Spring/Summer 2019 has arrived and as always it is looking beautiful. The good people at Rifle Paper Co have introduced lots of new designs to their desk collection. Let us take you on a tour of some of these fab new additions.

Rifle Paper Co Clipfolios

This may sound rather nerdy but... never has a Clipfolio looked so good! As well as being totally useful these Clipfolios are covered in a choice of two amazing prints, Garden Party and Tapestry. They have a sturdy brass clip on the front to secure paper and inside there is a super handy interior pocket and a removable writing pad. The writing pad has 50 perforated pages with shaded lines. The interior looks as good as the exterior with a contrasting colour finish that compliments the main print. That is why we love Rifle Paper Co, they always think about the little details. Plus if you wanted to go that one step further you can select a Rifle Paper pen in the same print! Rifle Paper Co Clipfolio Clipfolio Garden Party Clipfolio Rifle Paper UK Tapestry Clipfolio Rifle Paper Co

Rifle Paper Co Memo Notepads

Late last year Rifle Paper Co introduced the Memo Pad. That extra bit of space to jot your notes down has proved very popular as they have introduced two new finishes. We now have the Numbered Color Block Memo Notepad and Garden Party Memo Notepad (pictured below). We love the sultry dark take on the ever popular Garden Party print. Rifle Paper Memo Notepad

Rifle Paper Co Tape Sets

One of the most anticipated items to arrive in our office was the Paper Tape Sets. Needless to say, they did not disappoint. They are full of colour and tie the full stationery range together with the complimenting colour combinations in each set. We think these tapes are a great way to decorate envelopes (snail mail we love you) and planners. Highlight important dates or just add a splash of colour to your page, whatever works for you. Rifle Paper Co Tape

Rifle Paper Co Pens

So, you may recognise some of the pens below however, Rifle Paper has introduced two new designs. We now have the Shanghai Pen (No. 1) which compliments several other items in the range which feature the Shanghai print. This print is exotic and pretty and altogether lovely. Next, we have the Monstera (No. 3) print which is a bold and modern print. It compliments the Vintage Blossom and Garden Toile Notebook sets (which have just arrived back in stock  by the way) and the Jungle Pocket Notebook set. Now for some technical info, these pens are filled with black ink and are a 7mm rollerball. The packaging has also been upgraded, they are now packaged in a clear plastic box with a pale pink card at the back. The info on the back has a gold foil finish giving it that classic rifle paper finishing touch. Rifle Paper Co Pens

Rifle Paper Co Clips

Add a pop of colour and pattern to your organization! This assorted set of 8 binder clips includes two of each design. Rifle Paper Co Clips

Rifle Paper Co Tote

When Rifle Paper Co. describe their cards, they always use the term 'FULL-COLOUR' well when we saw this tote for the first time we instantly thought 'FULL-COLOUR'. It is just overflowing with full on vibrant colour, the picture does not do it justice. This beauty is made from 100% cotton canvas and is screen printed in the US. It has an 11" strap drop and is a roomy 42 × 43.2cm. Rifle Paper Co Tote

Rifle Paper Co Fabric Covered Journal

Just when you think Rifle Paper can do no more they introduce a fabric covered journal! These fabric hardcover journals feature full-colour printing on soft book cloth, lay-flat binding, a coordinating bookmark, and gold foil accents. There are four different prints to choose from, we have the always popular Garden Party, followed by Fable which features a sweet folk style rabbit print. Next, we have Moxie which comes in a traditional floral finish but uses a neon pink ink to give it a modern flare. Finally, we have Cabana in a super stylish and punchy blue and pink stripe (Perfection!). Rifle Paper Co Fabric Covered Journals Cabana Fabric Journal Rifle Paper Co

Rifle Paper Co - Greeting Cards

Rifle Paper Co Greeting cards are like little pieces of artwork and we are always excited to see what new designs have been added to the range. Check out these little gems below for a taster of what is new this season. Rifle Paper Co Greeting Cards Click here to view the full Rifle Paper Co range. Continue reading

Weekly Undated Happiness Planner

Weekly Undated Happiness Planner
The Weekly Undated Happiness Planner can be picked up and started at any point during the year. So, if you felt too much pressure to start the new year on a new path then do not worry, just start this Planner when you feel ready to. More than just an organizer, this planner goes further than the running of your day to day. It encourages you to set goals, practice self-reflection and it helps you plan your life around things that matter the most. The Happiness Planner Undated

Weekly undated Happiness Planner - Stylish Design

The Weekly Undated Happiness Planner has a hardcover with rose gold or silver logo and corners. It is Spiral bound so you can turn those pages easily and write comfortably. They are 230mm x 165mm with 369 white 100g pages. They have an inner pocket and hand pen holder. The Planners are beautifully packaged in a box with a bubble wrap and a drawstring bag. In the box you will find a pen & clips, reflection & planning printables and quote cards. The Weekly Undated Happiness Planners encourages you to start each day with an exciting and inspiring thought. You will be guided down a path that makes you take stock of your life and helps you cut out the things that hold you back. Train your mind to always look at the positive side of things. Learn to master the art of resilience. Strengthen relationships with your loved ones. Spend more time and money on things that truly make you happy. Eat healthily and exercise regularly Weekly Undated Happiness Planner

Inside Layout of the Weekly Undated Happiness Planner

The planner includes 'Your Happiness Roadmap'. This section is designed to help you become more self-aware and understand yourself better. It comes with questions that seem simple, yet, very crucial for you to ask yourself so that you can set goals that will make you feel truly fulfilled once you achieve them. You will find a 2019/2020 Calendar Overview (Sunday start), undated 12 Monthly Overviews and 52 Weekly Quotes. You will have a weekly goal setting for a 52-Week Period, weekly planners for a 52-week period, weekly reflections for a 52-week period. There are super hand dot grid pages for Bullet Journaling. Finishing it off are the end-of-year reflections.   Click here for our full Happiness Planner range. Continue reading

The Happiness Planner

The Happiness Planner

Start the new year on a positive note with these new Happiness Planners. The Happiness Planner is a planner designed to help you not only plan and manage your schedules & to-do lists, but also live a truly happy and fulfilled life. It helps you create a life in alignment with who you are and embracing the power of positive thinking, mindfulness, gratitude, and self-development.

The Happiness Planner - Gradient 100 Day Planner

100 Day Happiness Planner 100 Day Gradient Planner

The 100 Day Happiness Planner now comes in four new stunning colourways.

100 Day Gradient Planner  100 Day Happiness Planner

This planner is packed full of truly helpful pages that will encourage you to think more and encourage positivity. Every planner comes with a Happiness Roadmap which asks questions that seem simple, yet, very crucial for you to ask yourself so that you can set goals. The 100 Day daily page format provides daily inspirational quotes, daily focus & goal setting. This planner also includes a weekly Overview/Plan and weekly reflection. The Happiness Planner works for both mindfulness and what is normally expected from a planner, it will keep you organised too. You will have an area for daily notes and to-do lists, an area for daily exercise and meal plans. All this with a good dose of daily reflection, a gratitude log and positive affirmations! It then allows you to take stock of it all with a 100-day reflection. Perfect!

100 Day Happiness Planner 100 Day Happiness Planner

It is important to reflect on the highs and lows of your week. Even a seemingly negative event teaches you something - it teaches you important lessons; it helps you grow, and oftentimes it helps you change direction.

100 Day Happiness Planner 100 Day Happiness Planner

If you focus on making each day a great day and repeat that, then you end up with a great week. And if you repeat that then you end up with a great month, a great year, and a great life.

Click here to view our full Happiness Planner range

Continue reading

Notebooks at The Paper Parlour

Notebooks at The Paper Parlour
Notebooks are the staple of every true stationery lovers collection. Design and practicality combine to make an item which is forever useful. Notebooks

Kate Spade Notebooks

There are so many fabulous choices when looking at Kate Spade Notebooks. We personally love the leatherette cover that many of their designs are covered in. They are so tactile and finished to the highest specification. One feature that really sets them apart from a standard notebook is the gilded page edges. Kate Spade has a multitude of colours and sizes to choose from. They have introduced a new larger size this Summer which shows off this design to its best. Notebooks We also love the fabric covered Journals. These are nice and junky journals with ribbon placemarks and stylish design details. Notebooks For those who like big pages to fill you will love this Large Spiral Notebook.

Rifle Paper

Where do you start when trying to choose just one Rifle Paper Co. notebook? The choices are vast and the array of designs are beautiful. All designs are illustrated by Rifle Paper Co. founder Anna Bond. Below is the Juliet Rose Memoir Notebook, it has a beautiful explosion of flowers and colour spread across its cover! Inside you will find neon pink lines and decorative flourishes. These Rifle Paper Pocket Notebooks are the perfect size to fit in your handbag.

Fox & Fallow

Another favourite of ours is Fox & Fallow. Fox & Fallow notebooks are covered in fabric and have stunning foil details covering the front cover. This Aussie design company have a keen eye for stunning details, their full range is impeccably designed and finished to the highest standard.

Monograph in association with House Doctor

Monograph DK is super simple and super sleek. Their notebooks come in subtle muted tones that look incredibly stylish. The whole range has a cohesive look and each item compliments the next. The whole range is also priced incredibly well so you will not blow your budget! Notebooks Click here to see our full Notebook range. Continue reading Drinkware Drinkware Drinkware is the coolest drinkware in all the land! The range includes tumblers with straws, thermal mugs, ceramic mugs and water bottles. What really sets them apart from other drinkware brands is the amazing artwork and finishes which adorn them! Tumblers with Straws - Drinkware tumblers with straws are made from a sturdy infused acrylic and come with a soft silicone straw. They have a 20 oz. capacity perfect for keeping you properly hydrated whilst looking stylish too. are also super health conscious so their drinkware range is BPA-, Phthalate-, and lead-free! Thermal Mugs - Drinkware Thermal Mugs are the perfect winter warmer. Just look at a small snippet of the different prints available below. They are bright, bold, beautiful and fun. They have a  16 oz. capacity and are made from infused acrylic and have a PVC hard plastic lid. They would make a great addition to any Christmas stocking without breaking the budget (priced between £14.00 - £16.00). Ceramic Mugs - Drinkware

Perfect for a lovely cuppa at home or at work. These ceramic mugs hold 11 oz. of your favourite beverage, tea, coffee or a yummy hot chocolate! is renowned for its fun sense of style and cheeky humour. Each ceramic mug design has a slogan across it so you can choose a design that perfectly fits the recipient's personality. Water Bottles - Drinkware have a large and rather fabulous water bottle range full of various colours, prints and slogans. Here at The Paper Parlour we are fans of all things that sparkle so these glittery water bottles and tumbler are top of our Christmas list. The double-walled acrylic design allows the glitter to move about as the bottle is tipped up and down, genius! Click here to view our full drinkware range.   Continue reading

Christmas Gift Wrapping

Christmas Gift Wrapping
So you have all of these lovely gifts stacked up and ready to go but they are missing the final decorative touch, Christmas Gift Wrapping! If like us you are a bit of packaging nut you will appreciate the importance of a well-placed Santa sticker. Here we are taking a look at some decorative Christmas items that will add the final flourish to your gifts and cards this festive season. Christmas Gift Wrapping

Christmas Gift Wrapping -Meri Meri Stickers

Meri Meri is our go-to brand for fun and cute Christmas packaging. They have the sweetest designs which are usually accented with either foil details or glitter! We generally opt for quite simple and low-cost paper to wrap gifts in and one of our favourites is brown parcel paper. It has a timeless and nostalgic look that is the perfect backdrop for glitter and ribbon to sit on. These Meri Meri Sticker Rolls look fabulous of gift wrap and the Reindeer stickers have glittery antlers! Christmas Gift Wrapping

Christmas Gift Wrapping - Meri Meri Decorative Details

Instead of ribbon perhaps consider these Meri Meri glitter Star Garlands that can be draped around extra special gifts.

Christmas Gift Wrapping - Rifle Paper Co. Stickers

Rifle Paper Co. Christmas stickers have a true old world appeal. You get three sheets per pack and each set has a wonderful array of retro look prints with sweet slogans and sayings. Rifle Paper Stickers

Christmas Gift Wrapping - Rifle Paper Co. Christmas Cards

We have a vast array of Rifle Paper Co. Christmas cards and postcards. Below we have featured a small selection of new designs out this year but head on over to our website to see the full range available. Each card is adorned with decorative foil details and beautiful illustrations.

Christmas Gift Wrapping - Christmas Gift Tags

Gift tags have advanced a lot in terms of design and detail, just look at these Meri Meri Gift Tag sets below! If you are looking for a more traditional look then these Rifle Paper Co. Gift Tags are ideal and they also compliment the Rifle Paper Co. Christmas Card range perfectly. Click here to view our full Christmas Gift Wrapping range. Continue reading

Christmas Gift Ideas

Christmas Gift Ideas
Struggling for Christmas Gift Ideas? Well, we have a few beauties to share with you and they won't break the bank!

Fox & Fallow Christmas Gift Ideas

Our favourite find of the year has to be Fox & Fallow. If we were forced to choose just one item from this Aussie range we would have to go for these box sets. They are simply amazing sets and the perfect gift for a true stationery aficionado. Even the eraser and the pencil are individually packaged within the set. There are five different prints to choose from, below we have Wanderlust and Aloha!  

Rifle Paper Co. Recipe Tins

We are major MAJOR fans of Rifle Paper Co. here at The Paper Parlour. We stock a heck of a lot of items from this amazing brand so it is difficult for us to show just one Christmas Gift Idea from them. We adore their notebooks, calendars and agendas with a passion but with much thought and consideration, we felt this Juliet Rose Recipe tin had to be singled out. It is stunning and this new design has winged its way over from America just in time for the holiday season. The Juliet Rose print has also been applied to a Memoir Notebook, Pocket Notebook, Notepad, Pen and Cards! They look fab bunched together and just as impressive on their own. Go forth and enjoy this stunning collection. Christmas Gift Ideas Christmas Gift Ideas

Now is our go-to brand for cute Planners (they are amazing) but they also do a wide stationery and kitchen range too! Add a bit of sparkle to the festivities with these Glittery Water Bottles and Tumbler from If glitter ain't your thing we also have colourful printed Thermal Mugs and Tumblers too. Bando Glittery Water Bottles Bando Thermal Mugs

Kate Spade Christmas Gift Ideas 

Stylish and sophisticated, Kate Spade notebooks are made to the highest standard with a keen attention to detail evident in one glance. We particularly love stationery that is both practical and beautiful to look at, Kate Spade Stationery encapsulates this way of thinking precisely. Every item in their range compliments the next making for a truly timeless collection. Kate Spade Christmas Gift Ideas Kate Spade Christmas Gift Ideas

Monograph | House Doctor Christmas Gift Ideas

Monograph stationery from House Doctor captures the Scandi look beautifully. The Monograph range is priced so you can buy a mix of items and not blow your budget in one go. The Scandi design and chic packaging make a cohesive range that looks uber stylish. Each item comes in elegant packaging making them a great gift to bestow upon a stationery loving friend or relative. Christmas Gift Ideas    Click here to view our full range.     Continue reading

2019 Diaries at The Paper Parlour

2019 Diaries at The Paper Parlour
It is time to start thinking about 2019 Diaries! It can be incredibly difficult to find the perfect diary to suit your needs so here are some top candidates to help you keep organised in 2019.

2019 Diaries | BAN.DO 2019 PLANNERS

So if you are looking for a fun diary then look no further. Diaries are bright, colourful and full of amazing artwork. They have a monthly and weekly format, so, you can take a glance at the monthly format to see future appointments and then write more details in the weekly format. The truly amazing thing about these diaries is the sticker pages. The sticker pages are one of the standout features and they can add a bucket load of character and detail to your planning throughout the year. There are 3x different sizes to choose from and 4x different prints. We love the soft golden shimmer of the Gold Holographic and This Will Be My Year prints. The copper foil effect on the Moonstone print is truly beautiful. For full-on floral colour and general fabulousness, you cannot go wrong with the Bellini print. 2019 Diaries 2019 Diaries 2019 diaries

2019 Diaries | KATE SPADE 2019 PLANNERS

Kate Spade 2019 Diaries are super sophisticated and beautifully finished. We love the personal touch of being able to add pictures or reminders in the photo window with the Black Stripe and Flamingo Dot print. The Floral print has a grommet and charm ring which allows you to add little charms. We also stock the Kate Spade charms which match the design perfectly, plus they have sweet little quotes printed on them. Kate Spade 2019 Planners have a monthly and weekly layout and they also have 2x sticker pages. The sticker pages are filled with gold foil finish stickers in a variety of shapes and helpful reminders like 'DON'T FORGET' and 'VACATION'. 2019 Diaries Kate Spade 2019 Diary Kate Spade 2019 Diary2019 Diary

2019 Diaries | Rifle Paper Co. Diaries

Rifle Paper Co. have truly outdone themselves this year. Their diaries, agendas and planners offer everything you could possibly want in a planner. This book cloth agenda is just the right amount of special and sophisticated. With gold-foil accents on the cover and pages inside for monthly and weekly views, this is one to gift (to others or to yourself). Rifle Paper Co. Diary Rifle Paper Co. Diary Plan ahead for 2019 with the new 12-month appointment notebook. It’s a slimmed down version of Rifle Paper's classic planners with monthly views, places for notes, important dates, and colourful florals throughout. Rifle Paper Appointment Calendar This pocket agenda proves great things can come in pretty, petite packages. The pages inside offer monthly and weekly views and a section for notes and important dates. This planner is the perfect size to pop in your handbag, keeping you organised on the go. Rifle Paper Co. Pocket PlannerRifle Paper Pocket Planner Click here to view our full range of 2019 Diaries. Continue reading

Planner Accessories

Planner Accessories
So you have your planner but you want to make it your own, planner accessories will help you personalise your pages and get a bit of creativity flowing! [caption id="attachment_3542" align="alignnone" width="600"] Image courtesy of BAN.DO[/caption]

Planner Accessories | Stickers

First and foremost, a must for any planner aficionado is a vast array of stickers. We have sticker sheets and sticker books galore in a mix of styles and themes. These sticker sets from Paper Poetry (Rico Design) are perfect for planning and decorating your pages. They have reminders written across them and cute illustrations. Planner Accessories

Planner Accessories | Tape

We have a fab range of tapes in beautiful colours and prints. You can get really creative with a bit of tape plus you can secure photos and notes to your pages.

Accessories | Stationery

Secure loose bits of paper with paper clips like the ones below. We have lots of different styles to choose from but a pom pom paperclip is something rather special don't you think? Planner Accessories Paper Clips We are totally smitten with these pens from Rifle Paper Co. They coordinate with the Rifle Paper Planner and Agenda range. The Garden Party and Tapestry writing pen perfectly matches the illustrated endpapers of the Rose and Navy Agendas (be still my beating heart).

Planner Accessories | Charms

Kate Spade 2019 Floral Planner has a grommet and charm ring for you to secure charms and treasures on. We love the Kate Spade Charms and their colourful messages. Planner Accessories

Planner Accessories | Sticky Notes

Layer up with sticky notes! Add quick reminders to your planner with ease or mark important pages that need to be found easily.

Planner Organisation | Folio

So you have all these amazing planner accessories, where do you keep them all? This Folio has lots of pockets to store all of your planner goodies in. Click here to view our full range of Planner Accessories. Continue reading

Kate Spade 2019 Planner

Kate Spade 2019 Planner
The eponymous Kate Spade 2019 Planner is here! There are 5 Calendar Year Planners to choose from, and there is sure to be one that is just perfect for you.

Kate Spade 2019 Planner - Large

These new releases from Kate Spade will see you through from January 2019 to December 2019. Depending on the print you choose you will have a cover which either features a photo window with an acetate cover or it will have a grommet with a gold charm ring and charm. These design features are a beautiful idea which will help you personalise your planer. Every Planner has 2x Gold foil sticker sheets with handy reminders which you can be used to decorate your planner throughout.
  • Size: 23.5cm x 19cm (9.25" x 7.5")
Kate Spade 2019 Planner Kate Spade 2019 Planner Kate Spade 2019 Planner Kate Spade 2019 Planner Kate Spade 2019 Planner floral Kate Spade 2019 Planner Floral Inside

Kate Spade 2019 Planner - Medium

Each Kate Spade 2019 Planner has the same layout. There are monthly & weekly spreads and monthly notes along with a section for holidays and celebrations. There are notes pages, storage pocket and laminated tabs. We are particularly loving the bright red lining of the Black Stripe Planner, it truly makes a stylish impact.
  • Size: 19.7cm x 15.5cm (7.75" x 6")
Kate Spade 20 19 Planner Black Stripe Kate Spade 2019 Planner Black Stripe Kate Spade 2019 Planner Flamingo Dot Gold Kate Spade 2019 Planner Gold Dot   Personalize your planner with Kate Spade New York's planner charm set. Each colourful message clips on to add a bit of direction to your day. The charm sets coordinate with the 2019 Large Floral Planner and the 2018-2019 Mid-year Floral and Illustrative Planners (Medium and Large). Personally, we think you could find a number of places to clip these cute charms on. The Planner Companion set can be used in conjunction with any of the Planners. It includes 10 paper tape strips, 12 round paper stickers, 2 magnetic bookmarks and 10 tabbed sticky notes. It fits perfectly in the storage pocket and will help keep you organised throughout the year. Kate Spade Planner Accessories Kate Spade Planner Charm Set Kate Spade Charm Set Kate Spade Planner Companion Click here to view the full Kate Spade range. Continue reading
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