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The Paper Parlour Blog Planners 2018-2019 Planners 2018-2019 Planners 2018-2019 are here and looking fabulous! Which design will you choose? Garden Party The most major change to the Planners 2018-2019 is that they now cover 13 months rather than 17 months. This is a great idea as many of you are ready for the new designs when they come out each July, often leaving the last few months to waste. Those extra few months were always included to cover those of us who do not think about buying a new planner each school calendar year, those who prefer to purchase a planner at the start of the official New Year. is now releasing NEW designs twice a year so each type of planner user will be taken care of! This current range of planners is perfect for those who require a new planner for the start of the academic year. The next range will be released in October for those wanting a planner to start the new year with. Planners 2018-2019 - Classic Size

There are three designs to choose from in the Classic Size, Garden Party, Going Places and I Am Very Busy. We are major flower lovers here at The Paper Parlour so Garden Party made us rather giddy when we first clapped our eyes on it. The Classic planner has a case-bound, lay flat design and sweet pink satin ribbon placeholder. It also has an elastic band closure to secure it when closed. Planner 2018-2019 Planners 2018-2019 -Medium Size

There are four fun Medium Size designs to select from, Pearlescent, Garden Party, Going Places and I Am Very Busy. The Pearlescent finish is super shimmery and ultra feminine, it is stunning. Due to the nature of its finish, it does require extra care but we think it is totally worth it. We are also loving the simplicity and colour combinations for both Going Places and I Am Very Busy. I Am Very Busy is a favourite and has made a welcome return this year. Another fab NEW addition this year is the introduction of 3!!!! sticker pages. We are major sticker fans hear so this was a most welcome addition. Planners 2018-2019 Planners 2018-2019 - Large Planners

There are two designs to choose from, Garden Party and Pearlescent. As with all the other sizes these planners are jam-packed with fabulous artwork throughout. They have a matte laminated hardcover and gold wire-o binding. This size allows a little extra room for you to write in all our thoughts and plans! Planners 2018-2019 Planner Accessories

Now every good Planner aficionado knows that you need the best of the best planner accessories! have created a range of stationery items that truly compliment all of the planner designs. We have sticky notes, sticky tape, pen sets, folios and the full range of sticker books! Planner Accessories Click here to shop the full range! Continue reading

Kaweco Pens at The Paper Parlour

Kaweco Pens at The Paper Parlour
Kaweco Pens Please welcome the fabulous Kaweco Pens to The Paper Parlour. We love love love to write and we wanted to introduce a classic pen that is great to write with and looks stylish and we found it with Kaweco pens. Kaweco is based in Heidelberg, Germany. The company was initially founded in 1883 and is now an iconic brand loved all over the world.

Kaweco Pens - Ballpoint Pen

On a day to day basis, we use ballpoint pens for quick and easy notes. The short and chunky shape of a Kaweco pen makes it comfortable to grip and hold. These pens are made from ABS injection-moulded plastic, ABS is a thermoplastic material known for its high impact resistance and toughness. Furthermore, it exhibits good resistance to scratching and rigidity. Kaweco Pens Several colour options available

Kaweco Pens - Fountain Pen

On days when you want a slightly more elegant finish to your writing, a fountain pen adds a really lovely touch. This type of pen is great for journal writing and letter writing in general. All of our selection of Kaweco fountain pens have a medium nib. We have two styles to choose from, Skyline Sport which comes with a silver stainless steel nib and the Classic Sport which has a gold-plated stainless steel nib. Kaweco Pens Several colour options available

Kaweco Pens - Mechanical Pencil

For those who prefer lead to ink, you will be happy to know Kaweco have not forgotten about you. Kaweco has a fab range of mechanical pencils. The push button release is easily removed to insert replacement lead. Kaweco Pens Kaweco pens and pencils are incredibly practical and useful objects but more than that they are a fabulous piece of design.The shape, the finish and the colour options available all come together to create something rather special. Please click here to view our full range from Kaweco. Continue reading

Kate Spade Candles

Kate Spade Candles
Please welcome this fabulous new range of Kate Spade Candles! We have all medium sizes in stock, they are the perfect size to give as a gift to someone special or as a treat for yourself. Each candle holds 5oz /142g in a stylish glass vessel. The wax is made up of a soy-paraffin blend, soy wax burns longer whilst paraffin wax holds the scent very well.

Kate Spade Candles - Bazaar

I currently have the Bazaar scented candle on my nightstand and it is beautiful! It has key fragrance notes of exotic spices, Moroccan rose & tobacco and it is dreamy! This candle has the slogan "so many spices, so little room in her suitcase." It has a perfect blend of sweet and spicy notes creating a truly memorable scent.Kate Spade Candles

Kate Spade Candles - Coast

If you are wanting to be whisked away to the seaside then Coast will take you there. It has key fragrance notes of sea salt, marine breeze & driftwood. The slogan for Coast is "on Fridays, she looks forward to salty sea air and the wind in her hair." Kate Spade Candles

Kate Spade Candles - Garden

This pretty in pink candle smells exactly like a perfect summer garden. Garden has key fragrance notes of cassis, pink peony & jasmine. The slogan for Garden is "she's always late because she stops to smell the flowers." Kate Spade Candles

Kate Spade Candles - Island

If you are wanting a slightly more exotic coastal escape then Island will fit the bill. The key fragrance notes are coconut milk, white sand & orange flower, and it smells delicious! The slogan for Island is "she dreams of sandy shores and coconut cocktails with lime." Kate Spade Candles

Kate Spade Candles - Park

One of the great things about all of these candles is that the name of each fragrance perfectly describes the scent and Park certainly does that. Park's key fragrance notes are fresh cut grass, violet leaf & green apple. The slogan for Park is "she laid in the grass and found her place in the sun." Kate Spade Candles Click here to purchase Kate Spade Candles. Continue reading

Alice Scott - Stationery and Giftware

Alice Scott - Stationery and Giftware
We recently introduced the fabulous Alice Scott to The Paper Parlour and we are loving this super sophisticated range. Here we are taking a closer look at some of our favourite items.

Alice Scott - Organisation

Do you obsess about being organised? We do! This stylish leatherette covered Alice Scott A5 Master Plan List Book is an essential tool for getting organised. It is chocca full of list pads and sticky notes and it has a stylish pen tucked down the centre spine. We are also loving the packaging for the Cactus Paperclips, quirky, fun and full of handy paperclips what more do you need! Alice Scott

Alice Scott - Pens & Pencils

A true stationery connaisseur can appreciate a good pen and pencil and these two from Alice Scott are definitely that. The pencil has a mechanical mechanism and takes 0.7mm lead. It has a handy eraser at the top and 'Good Point' printed in gold on the side. Both the pen and pencil have a solid construction with gold finish hardware. The pen has black ink and uses 9.7cm long Parker style refills, it features "Editor in Chief" inscribed on the side. Alice Scott

Alice Scott - Notebooks

One can never have too many notebooks and quality ones are essential. There is nothing we hate more than a notebook which does not retain its look for long. These notebooks not only look fabulous they are also really well made.  Alice Scott has a talent for mixing monochrome illustration, pattern and contemporary editorial all together to create their unique range. Just look at the black and white bird pattern sat against these tropical palms, it works effortlessly! Alice Scott

Alice Scott - On The Go Travel

So I think we have established that we love monochrome against green palms, the only thing that could make it even better is a splash of pink! These travel items are making us want to book our summer hols asap. We love items which look amazing but are also usable. These travel items are bright, bold and fun and they are incredibly useful, they will keep you organised and hydrated whilst on the go. Alice Scott   Click here to view our full range from Alice Scott.

Continue reading

Cute Planners 2018-2019

Cute Planners 2018-2019
Cute Planners 2018-2019 - We have so many super cute planners that it may be difficult to decide on just one! Here we are taking a little look at the different styles to choose from.

Papaya! - Cute Planners 2018-2019

The Papaya! Weekly Planners are designed to inspire you throughout the year. Fully illustrated pages incorporate your favourite PAPAYA! quotes and artwork, making them perfect for keeping track of scheduling, personal goals, meal planning and more. Features include gold foil embellishments, weekly views, monthly views, dates-to-remember, and note pages. Includes pocket folder to keep you organized. Cute Planners cute planners
  • Size: 6" x 8

BAN.Do Cute Planners 2018-2019

These 13-month planners (August 2018 to August 2019) from are great fun and incredibly useful. The 2018-2019 Planner is back and better than ever. You are going to find it almost impossible to choose your favourite cover design they are all so good! Plus they come in 3 different size formats. Each planner has a weekly and monthly two-page spread so you can plan and see the full month ahead easily and clearly. Also included is a year view. As well as a double-sided pocket you also get colour-coded month tabs and awesome artwork throughout. Not only that you will find notes pages, weekend to do's, compliments throughout and 3x Sticker Pages!!! Cute Planners

Kate Spade Cute Planners 2018

Kate Spade 2018 2019 Planners are available in four different prints and two different sizes. They run from August 2018 to August 2019. Each design has the same concealed spiral cover however they now have two new design features. Kate Spade 2018 2019 Planners in the Illustrative and Floral print now feature a grommet with a gold charm ring and charm. It is such a lovely touch and you can add your own charms to the ring. Kate Spade 2018 2019 Planners in the Spotty and Gold Floral print feature a photo window with acetate cover. This is a great way of personalising your planner. You can put a personal photo in or perhaps a shopping list or to-do list reminders. Four different prints and two different sizes Medium or Large! Kate Spade Cute Planners

Happiness Planners - Cute Planners 

Finally, we have the ever popular Happiness Planners. The Happiness Planner is a planner like no other. Instead of focusing on productivity, it focuses on “your happiness”. It is designed to help you cultivate happiness by embracing the power of positive thinking, mindfulness, gratitude, and self-development. The focus is on making each day a positive experience, building introspection into your routine and increasing self-awareness. On top of the typical daily pages, this planner is packed with questions and guides that help you become a happier and more positive person. Set goals that will maximize your happiness level. Plan your life around things that truly matter with those who truly matter. Start each day with an exciting and inspiring thought. Cut out things that hold you back. Train your mind to always look at the positive side of things. Learn to master the art of resilience. Strengthen relationships with your loved ones. Spend more time and money on things that truly make you happy. There are several different formats to choose from however we have just introduced the new following Cute Planners Cute Planners Cute Planners Cute Planners

Rifle Paper Co. Cute Planners 2019

Plan ahead for 2019 with these 12-month book cloth cover agendas. They have weekly and monthly calendar pages and inspirational quotes throughout. These agendas exude quality with Smyth sewn binding, illustrated endpapers and metallic gold foil accents. Cute Planners Cute Planners

Rifle Paper Co. Cute Planners 2018-2019

For those who are needing a new planner now then these Rifle Paper Co. 2018-2019 Planners are just what you are looking for. They last 17 Months and run from August 2018 to December 2019. This Rifle Paper Co. spiral-bound planner is the ideal companion. Outside, a soft pink cover decorated with little bouquets, held closed by a gold metallic band. Inside, roomy calendar pages with monthly and weekly views, plus two full sheets of stickers — We have several prints to choose from but each design has sticker pages which will make your heart melt, they are so cute Cute Planners Cute Planners Click here to view our full range of Agendas & Planners.     Continue reading

Kate Spade Agendas 2017-2018

Kate Spade Agendas 2017-2018
We are loving the new Kate Spade Agendas 2017-2018. Time is running out to get your agenda loving hands on these gems, alas we have already sold out of the Medium Scatter Dot design!  As always, these agendas come in two sizes, medium & large. So depending on how big your handbag is there is one to suit you perfectly.

Kate Spade Agendas - Medium

The Medium size has four different finishes but all feature gold foil details. Kate Spade has that perfect knack of creating fun and fashionable cover designs that are always classic and sophisticated looking. These designs are perfect for those who want a stunning agenda that will also work in the professional environment. So if you are using this item in your home or taking it into the workplace they will fit right in no matter the location. Kte Spade Agendas Here we have an inside view of what the weekly layout looks like. Each agenda also has a handy monthly view to. Inside Kate Spade Agenda

Kate Spade Agendas - Large

The Large size has the same four different designs available however there is also an exclusive design only available in this size called Zodiac. It features illustrations from Italian designer, Andrea Ferolla. This monthly agenda also has astrological illustrative spreads for each month. The front cover design features oh so pretty gold foil stars sprinkled across it. Kate Spade Agendas Towards the beginning of the agenda is a double spread 2018 Celebrations page. Here you can jot down key events that are coming up for easy reference. Inside Kate Spade Agenda Kate Spade Agendas A rather fab addition to this year's Kate Spade Agendas is the introduction of a sticker page! These stickers are not only fun embellishments that you can decorate your days with, they are also incredibly practical. The stickers include reminders, they include phrases such as 'Don't Forget', 'Meeting' & 'TO DO'. They have a classic gold foil finish for that extra chic touch. Kate Spade Agendas Click here to view our full range of Kate Spade Agendas. Continue reading Agendas 2017 - 2018 Agendas 2017 - 2018 Agendas have arrived in all their fabulous and fun glory! We are so so so excited that they are here and cannot wait to give you a taster of what's inside these little gems. Agendas - Classic Agendas 2017 - 2018

The Classic Agendas is a 17 Month planner running from August 2017 through December 2018. These Agendas have a case-bound, lay flat design and a pink satin ribbon placeholder. They have an elastic band closure and a pocket on the inside of the back cover. The Classic Agenda is 13cm x 20.8cm. There are three different Classic designs to choose from, You're Killing It, I Am Very Busy (Pink/Holographic) and Rose Parade. Each planner in every size and finish has colour-coded month tabs, awesome artwork throughout and the cutest sticker pages. Keeping you organised are the notes pages, weekend to do's, year view, month view + week view! Agendas - Medium Agendas 2017 - 2018

The Medium Agendas are a 17 Month planner running from August 2017 through December 2018. These Agendas have a fab gold wire-o binding and elastic band closure. They have a double-sided pocket page for extra storage space.  The Classic Agenda is 18.5 cm x 22cm. There are four stunning Medium designs to choose from, No Bad Days, I Don't Work Here, Rose Parade and Holographic. Agendas - Large Agendas 2017-2018

The Large Agendas are a 17 Month planner running from August 2017 through December 2018. These Agendas also have a fab gold wire-o binding and elastic band closure. They also have a double-sided pocket page just like the medium size.  The Classic Agenda is 22.5 cm x 25.5 cm. There are two Large designs to choose from, Rose Parade and I Am Very Busy (Pink/Holographic). Psst, keep an eye out for the 2018 Monthly Planners arriving soon, we will have more details on these in the coming weeks. Click here to view all of our Agendas.     Continue reading

Ladurée Stationery - Les Secrets

Ladurée Stationery - Les Secrets
Ooh La La  Ladurée Stationery has arrived at The Paper Parlour. Qui, mes amis, we are now stocking this super sweet stationery range and we can let you know that it is just as stunning as we hoped it would be. 5c3dc0ad15452299d6f6dc1069a51791

Ladurée Stationery - Notebooks & Address Books

We have several different notebook styles to choose from. Below we have the A6 (Size: 14.8 x 10.4cm) notebook set. Included are 3 mini notebooks each featuring a different design. There are 3x different sets to choose from, pictured below is the Poétique Set. The other two designs are Romantique and Classique. All sets feature classic Ladurée prints. Laduree-2 Next up is the B6 Notebook available in 3 different designs. Pictured below is Danseusebut, we also have Macaron (Black) and Léonore (Mint Green). These address books have a lovely, quality finish with metallic corners that protect the edges and an elastic closure. Laduree-3 Below is the stunning Ladurée Address Book. We have this in two different designs, Arabesque (Green) and Versailles (Pink). This is a hardcover address book with 160 pages to fill and perfectly sized at 18.7 x 12.5cm. 4516278488311_14516278488311_2

Ladurée Stationery - Pens & Erasers

Yes, these pens are ridiculously cute! There are three different styles available and we honestly do not know how you will decide which one to choose! The same goes for the Macaron eraser sets! Yes, erasers that are made to look like macarons! These sets are available in three different colour combinations. And as if Ladurée stationery could not get any better, we have the Ladurée Gourmandises Pencil Set. daf601d5d07df2e02ec4069ee76bae26 4516278488380_14516278488434_2

Ladurée Stationery - Cases

Ladurée Cases are made to an exacting standard and they are all finished with beautiful prints. The have a gold finish zip and zip charm for that added little bit of extra glitz. They are made from a PVC material. 4349d5343fcd73d6bacf08904b80ae134516278920705_1

Ladurée Stationery - Stickers

We have the full range of Ladurée stickers to choose from. These are perfect for embellishing planners and notebooks. 4516278488472_1

Ladurée Stationery - Washi Tape

If you are a washi tape fan then these Ladurée Washi Tapes will make your head spin. We sell the designs separately and in sets. Each tape features a super sweet Ladurée inspired print. ldr-mkt7-a_4   4516278683426_14516278683419_1 4516278683402_1 4516278683396_1 4516278683389_1 4516278683372_1 So we have shown you a quick snippet of our Ladurée Stationery range in this post, click here to view our full range of Ladurée Stationery! Continue reading

Kate Spade Stationery - New For April

Kate Spade Stationery - New For April
We are getting lots of fab new Kate Spade Stationery items delivered to The Paper Parlour HQ this month. Here are some stylish new additions which arrived this week!

Kate Spade Stationery - Kate Spade Click Gel Pen

You are going to love this multi-hued pen. It has a sweet gold dot decorative design and will look fab paired with a Kate Spade Notebook or Agenda. Kate Spade Stationery

Kate Spade Stationery - Kate Spade Rugby Stripe Pen Set

The Kate Spade Rugby Stripe Pen Set has 5x pens included, all with black ink. Each ballpoint pen comes in a different colour with a stylish stripe design. The clip allows for easy storage on any notebook or blazer pocket. Kate Spade is introducing more bright colours into their range just in time for Summer, even their packaging has changed to a vibrant Spring green. Kate Spade Stationery

Kate Spade Word to the Wise Journal - Lemons

We love Kate Spade Journals! They are finished to the highest standard and always exude quality. The introduction of this Lemons design shows another injection of colour to their stationery range and we are loving it. Each journal is filled with 300 lined, wood-free, ivory coloured pages. It is a case bound lay flat design with a book cloth cover. It also has 6 handy ribbon bookmarks. notebook-limoncello

Kate Spade Stationery - Kate Spade Magnet Set

The Kate Spade New York Magnet Set knows the magic of a well-timed compliment. Enliven the offices dry erase board or finesse that kitchen fridge with these colourful, conversational magnets. Each set includes 24 colourful magnets. Kate Spade Stationery

Kate Spade Bridal Planner - Happily Ever After

We know you loved the Kate Spade Love Is In The Air Bridal Planner so we could not wait to see this new addition to the Kate Spade Bridal Range. The Kate Spade Happily Ever After Bridal Planner has 3 gold ring binders and is filled with 48 planning pages. It has a handy pocket with gold accents and a clear zipper pouch. We love the stunning cake design on the front. The chic black illustration looks divine with the gold foil 'Happily Ever After' statement running through the middle of it. bridal-planner-happily-ever bridal-planner-interior-spr Click here to view more Kate Spade Stationery P.S Don't forget Kate Spade 2017-2018 Agendas and 2018 Diaries are arriving in May! Please go to our contact us page and send us a message if you wish to be informed when they arrive.   Continue reading

Paul & Joe Stationery - La Papeterie

Paul & Joe Stationery - La Papeterie
Please welcome Paul & Joe La Papeterie to The Paper Parlour! We have loved Paul & Joe for many years especially their amazing beauty range. Imagine our excitement when we found out that they had launched a Paul & Joe Stationery range! Paul and Joe Washi Tape

Paul & Joe Stationery - Paul & Joe Notebooks

The Paul & Joe stationery range has a perfect mix of classic Paul & Joe prints combined with practical stationery items that you are sure to go head over heels for. Just take a look at these super sweet notebooks featuring the Chrysanthemum, Chess Cat, Suiboku and Bouquet Stripe prints. Each notebook has 96 lined pages for you to fill. They have a gilt edge for that luxe finish we love. They also have a gold foil Paul & Joe logo on the front. Paul-and-joe-1

Paul & Joe Stationery - Paul & Joe Sticky Notes

The Paul & Joe Sticky notes are beyond cute! They have an adorable cat-shaped head cutout on the front page. Each set contains 5 sticky pads inside with 20 sheets per pad. Paul and Joe Sticky Notes Paul-and-joe-7

Paul & Joe Stationery - Paul & Joe Washi Tape

We have lots of washi tape sets for you to paw over. We are particularly in love with the Paul & Joe Masking Tape F - Cats & Birds duo. Each set contains 2 tapes, 1.5 and 2.5 respectively and both are 7m long. They are perfect for decorating organizers not to mention jazzing up gift wrapping, oh the possibilities! 4516278947245_1

Paul & Joe Folders

The Paul & Joe Document cases are a dream accessory for all those super organized people out there.  They are made from a hardwearing PU material and have the P&J charm tag zip opener. Inside the case are several compartments for documents, pens and small stationery bits and bobs. They are the perfect size to carry about, not to big and not too small (Size: 36 x 26 x 2.5cm). Paul-and-joe-6

Paul & Joe Stationery - Paul & Joe Pencil Cases

The Paul & Joe Pencil cases are also made from PU material and have a charm tag zip opener. They are 20 x 8 x 3.5cm and would also make a rather fab makeup bag as well as a pencil case. Paul-and-joe-8 Below is the Paul & Joe Stationery Case, it is bigger than the pencil case so you can fit a small notebook and stationery in (Size: 23.5 x 16.5cm). The stationery case is available in Chrysanthemum, Chess Cat, Suiboku or Bouquet Stripe print. Paul-and-joe-5

Paul & Joe Stationery - Paul & Joe Letter Sets

Paul & Joe letter sets are simply divine. Each set contains 16 sheets of paper in two designs and 8 envelopes in two designs. There are gold foil embellishments on both the paper and the envelopes! You will also receive 8 stickers for that extra special finishing touch. Paul-and-joe-2 Click here to view our full range of Paul & Joe Stationery.   Continue reading
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